For Landlords

For Landlords

To the landlord

This page is exclusive for landlords who have requested us to manage their properties.
You can check any questions or requests regarding our management.

Please contact us first.

Property ownership information is registered at Legal Affairs Bureau and accessible for everyone therefore landlords may receive contacts from various agents based on the information from Legal Affairs Bureau.

Most of the real estate agents approaches you with surprisingly good prices to collect as many selling properties as they can. However, most of them try to convince you to sell your property by telling you the risks of keeping the property, and bring down the price.

If these negotiations are within reasonable range, there should be no problem, but we have heard from the customers that they have had very rough negotiations and it was hard to leave the office.

One of the reasons of trying to bring the price down is because the property is "rented" or what we call "owner-change" therefore buyers can't check inside. Furthermore, buyers are not allowed to use housing loan so customers are limited to those who are looking for a property as an investment. This is how the price goes down to sell your property.

In case of selling your property with owner change, we as the management company of your property will inherit the lease agreement to the new owner so If you are considering selling, please talk to us first before you make offers to other agents.

When the address is changed

When the address is changed due to moving or career change, please submit the form below. We will get back to you after we confirm the changes.

For those who are considering selling your apartment

About property you own

We are familiar with the apartment you own.
When you try to sell your apartment while it's rented,
normally the price goes down because we have to sell it without having buyers check the condition inside,
and we have to limit buyers for those who are buying the property for investment purpose.

However, there are benefits of selling your apartment with owner-change.
We can explain them if you are interested.

As a management company, we are familiar with the properties that landlords own.
We do have assessment form,
but if you prefer more simple form without getting to the details,
please contact us with inquiries for landlords.

About Introduction

In general, we operate real estate business.
In addition to rental management, we do comprehensive real estate business.

If you know someone from your family or friends who are considering selling their apartment,
please introduce them to us. If they sign an agreement with us, we would like to reward you.