Lend & Sell

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Lending your property

We would like to explain the steps of lending your property and details of management while you are lending.

Lend your property

  • 1. Discussion

    We listen carefully to your requests and circumstances.

  • 2. Assessment of your property

    We calculate the renting fee based on latest rental market around the area of your property and also the trend of rental market.

  • 3. Determination of management plan and Setting conditions of renting

    We start looking for a resident after determination of management plan and setting conditions of renting are done.

  • 4. Recruitment of residents

    We find a resident as soon as possible by using online advertisement and network among real estate agents.

  • 5. Examination

    We have an examination of resident based on our former experiences of signing a contract.

  • 6. Contract and Moving in

    We conclude the lease contract and deliver the key. The resident will be signing the liability insurance at the same time of the contract, so we will carry out the agency procedure. We submit documents as needed when notification of loan to management association is necessary.

  • 7. During Lending

    We will correspond requests from the resident in behalf of you. For emergency matters, we will correspond 24 hours/365 days.

  • 8. Renewal

    We proceed the renewal of the contract and the liability insurance. We submit documents as needed when notification of loan to management association is necessary.

  • 9. Cancellation and Leaving

    We check the inside condition of the property, restoration work, and do settlement of rent and security deposit.退去時の立会や住居内の点検、原状回復工事などの手配や賃料・敷金の精算業務を行います。

  • 10. Look for a new resident

    After the restoration work is done, we look for a new resident. We repeat the procedure from step 2.

Introduction of our guarantee plans

Guide guaranteed plans

We have three different management plans you can choose from.
These charts are simplified to compare easily so some of the explanation is different from actual execution.
Our management plan basically takes care of all the work (reference for lending) that the landlord must do to lend a real estate.
We offer a plan with a guarantee of collecting the rent as well.

Details of management plans

Rent Guarantee

It is a contract that is generally known as a sublease.
We rent your apartment with the price determined by the landlord and lend it to a prospective resident.
You can earn the rent constantly even when there are vacancies.
In addition, since you are not directly involved in the lease agreement with the resident, you can minimize problems.

Rent Guarantee Figure
    Rent Guarantee
  • Monthly management fee10-15% of appraised rent
  • Initial costYou won't get the rent for the first 60 days.
  • Guarantee of vacancy periodΟ
  • Guarantee of delinquentΟ
  • Income on renewal of the contract x
  • Key money at the time of contract x

Delinquent Guarantee

It is the most secure management plan that we guarantee any delinquents during the lease contract.
At the same time as the lease agreement with the resident is concluded,
our company becomes the "lender" and concludes the contract with the lease, and we will handle any troubles.

Delinquent Guarantee Figure
    Delinquent Guarantee
  • Monthly management fee¥3,000-(Plus tax)+3% of the rent
  • Initial costPlease pay one month of commission fee
  • Guarantee of vacancy periodx
  • Guarantee of delinquent Ο
  • Income on renewal
    of the contract

    (Around half of the renewal fee)


    (Around half of the renewal fee)

  • Key money at the time
    of contractΟ

Money Collection

It is the most basic management plan that we deal with all the contacts in behalf of the landlord and guarantee three months of delinquency.
This plan covers all the rental management so landlords who work as an office man can feel safe and leave the management to us.

Money Collection Figure
    Money Collection
  • Monthly management fee¥3,000-(Plus tax)+2 % of the rent
  • Initial costPlease pay one month of commission fee
  • Guarantee of vacancy periodx
  • Guarantee of delinquent

    (three months)


    (three months)

  • Income on renewal of the contract

    (Around half of the renewal fee)


    (Around half of the renewal fee)

  • Key money at the time of contract Ο

If you wish to know more details,
please feel free to contact us.

Lend a condominium

Please let us take care of your condominium.

We can recruit the resident and manage your property for your room.

  • - I want to move because the family structure has changed.
  • - I have to move because I will be transferred.
  • - I bought a condo for an investment purpose.

Most of the condominium owners don't know which real estate company to leave their properties.
It is a simple job to look for a resident, but each company has a different strength.
Our company specializes in condominium rentals.
Ever since the beginning of our business, we have been working hard to be able to correspond to smallest requests of the landlords who were introduced to us.
Most of the rental companies focus on renting out a whole building since it can increase their efficiency and profitability, but we focus on each landlord to build the trust to be able to have a long lasting partnership.

Selling your property

Sell housing

We also buy and sell properties for investment purpose as well as residential homes.

Property Survey / Assessment

First of all, we are going to give you an assessment of your property.
We are going to evaluate practically base on our huge amount of accumulated transaction data and specialized know-how.
Our evaluation is the possible price to be able to sell your property within three months.

Conclusion of mediation contract

There should be a signed contract between our company and the seller regarding the terms and conditions of the sale.
There will be no cost of creating the contract.

    Privileged and Exclusive Brokerage Service Contract
  • Contract with multiple agenciesExclusive
    with IFC
  • Dealing with the agency whom
    the client personally looked forNot possible
  • Obligation to register to REINS5 business days
  • Progress report to the clientmore than
    once a week
    Exclusive Brokerage Service Contract
  • Contract with multiple agenciesExclusive
    with IFC
  • Dealing with the agency whom
    the client personally looked forNot possible
  • Obligation to register to REINSwithin
    7 business days
  • Progress report to the clientProgress report
    to the client
    Non-Exclusive Brokerage Service Contract
  • Contract with multiple agenciesPossible
  • Dealing with the agency whom
    the client personally looked forPossible
  • Obligation to register to REINSOptional
  • Progress report to the clientNone
Three advantages of Exclusive Brokerage Service Contract Three advantages of Exclusive Brokerage Service Contract Figure

Selling Promotion

We believe that what the seller wants is their property being sold quick with a high price.
However, some of the real estate brokerage companies give top priority to their profits therefore seller's profits fall secondarily.
IFC Corporation pursues "quick" and "high price". As an attempt,

We do not own agency store… It may look reliable that there are agency stores from the requester's point of view.
However, most people use internet to look for a residence these days. It means that most of the customers can get information without actually going to the store.
To run an agency store, it costs a lot of money that will eventually has to be covered by the broker's commission fee from the seller.

We do not think we have sales capabilities… there are a lot of visitors for the room until we sign a contract with one of them.
More visitors mean quicker sales. How can we have as many visitors as possible?
It depends how many agencies know about the selling property.
There is a limit of numbers for getting visitors from just one company.
Therefore, IFC pays few % from our own profit to other agencies who have introduced customer before and get help from them.
With this incentive, brokers will be able to offer a wide range of service to buyers and introduce as many customers as possible.
We also work very hard to minimize the disadvantages that sellers might think of Exclusive Brokerage Service Contract.
Incentive is like an image of a horse chasing the carrot.

Our main business is the management of properties… our main business is to manage the properties, so not only buying and selling.
Which means that we are not relying on the sales commission to run our company.
We will be happy to help you even if the selling commission wasn't much. Don't worry, we will be putting our 100 % effort for you.
Imagine paying for an economy class tickets and receiving a business class service.

Conclusion of sales contract

Once the buyer is determined, we sign a sales contract.
We listen to seller and buyer's quests on "the price", "payment method", "delivery time" etc. and settle for a contract.
We will make a contract and conclude the contract with both sides being present.

    What you need to prepare for the contact.
  • 1. Registered Seal (In case of sharing, each one)
  • 2. Certificate of residence
  • 3. Certificate of Registered Seal (within 3 months)
  • ]
  • 4. Deeds or Registration Code
  • 5. Stamp Tax (depending on the price)
  • 6. Half of Brokerage Fee
  • 7. Identification Documents (driver's license or passport etc.)
  • 8. A letter of Attorney (in case the seller is absent)
  • 9. Other Documents (depending on the situation)

Receiving of Remaining Payment /
Delivery of Property

  • Request of Application for Registration

    You can leave the registration procedure such as transfer of ownership to our partner judicial scrivener.
  • Receiving of Remaining Payment

    We collect all the remaining payments from the buyer.
  • Settlement of Contributions such as tax.

    Property tax, administrative expenses, etc. will be calculated by daily.
  • Payment of Expenses

    Please pay brokerage fee and judicial scrivener fee.
  • Deliver of The Key

    We deliver all the keys to the buyer.

There are advantages and
disadvantages of selling or lending your property.

Advantage of selling your property

Are you cleaning your air filters of the indoor unit?

The profit you make by selling your property can be cash or transform into other property.
When you are selling your property, it is important to own and operate the asset in an effective form, in line with the economic flow of the time.

Disadvantage of selling your property

The important aspects of selling your property is the dynamic of the economy and the balance between demand and supply.
It is not easy to sell your property with your desired time nor price.
Your property is the only one in this whole world and once you let it go, it'll be difficult to find the same property.

Advantage of lending your property

You can keep your property and still make profit with the rent.

Disadvantage of lending your property

You can't start living in your property straight away. (You can avoid that with fixed-term lease contract.)
There will be a risk of not being able to find the resident for your property due to the timing or conditions and the risk of not being paid the rent from the resident.

Be considerate of the environment
and conditions of your property.

Urban real estate property is likely to be increasing interests in the future.
We can expect high demand for lending or selling.
To be able to maximize the value,
landlord and management company need to have a strong team work.
Every real estate is different.
We need to handle things flexibly with the time, place, and the size.
It is important to consider the area of the property and time to determine to lend or sell.
Feel free to ask anything to our experienced staffs.

considerate of the environment